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Men's Fashion Accessories | Blauer ®

Men's Accessories

The fashion potential of accessories is often overlooked. Yet, very often it is a small, carefully selected detail that makes a difference and gives your outfit a unique, complete and appealing look.

The drawer of Blauer men's accessories fills up with classy yet casually alluring items. You can start from a hat inspired by the world of baseball, a tribute to the Blauer brand's passion for American style.
You can then move on to scarves embellished with new colors and prints, made of soft, refined fabrics, ideal to wrap around your neck. Use a Blauer scarf or foulard to enliven your jackets, or why not wear it over a pullover for a vaguely dandy style. Last but not least, choose a fine belt: our models are designed to complement and enhance your look, whether casual or chic. All accessories feature carefully finished details, in line with the brand's tradition.