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Men's Polo Shirts - Shop Online | Blauer®


The men's polo shirt, which so artfully combines sportiness and elegance, was bound to become one of the most popular styles among our customers. Created as sportswear, polo shirts have triumphantly made their way into fashion and everyday life. Perhaps because they are comfortable and pleasant to wear, or because if you are wearing the right polo shirt you feel your style is impeccable.

For the spring-summer season, this great classic of our summer collections is available in different fabrics: from classic honeycomb piquet, through knitted jersey, to lighter cottons for hot days. The colors range from bright hues to classic neutral shades; collars are denim or in contrasting colors - each shirt has some special feature that makes it unique. Building a successful look around a Blauer polo shirt is a breeze. They are extremely versatile and are easy to match with the jeans, pants and jackets of the Blauer Collection.