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Women's Casual Jackets & Coats | Blauer USA® Official Site

Women's Outerwear

Since 1936, Blauer USA has produced clothing for police and army corps. In 2001, the brand decided to start operating in a parallel and equally fascinating segment, launching a product line dedicated to the world of fashion.

Blauer USA women's jackets feature the same outstanding quality derived from technical garments used in extreme situations, such as those that occur on American roads. With the added value of Italian design. The online range of women's jackets is characterized by the skillful use of high-tech fabrics and materials, combined and blended so as to be suited for the warm season. With their bold, well-defined lines, biker jackets give light and expressive power even to a feminine look. Leather jackets lend character, with their fresh and summery colors like white and orange. But that's not all: the line includes military-inspired jackets, stretch jackets and spring jackets. All our outerwear have weights, lengths and color tones that are perfect in any weather and with any look. The appeal of the uniform never goes out of style. You can take Blauer USA's word for it.

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