Woman T-shirts

Which shirt represents you best? Do you look best in a short-sleeved t-shirt or in a tank top that sets off your shoulders and arms? Do you like to express your fashion personality with printed t-shirts or do you prefer more basic versions? In the spring–summer season, t-shirts are the top ranking items in a woman's wardrobe. Every woman should have a good selection of them in their closet.

Each t-shirt in the Blauer women's collection stands out for the accuracy of details that make a dif... ference: dark style flowers, exclusive color shades and treatments, rock prints, Stars and Stripes inspiration, graphic interpretations and the glamorous Blauer logo. A collection that is up to date with the latest trends and makes extensive use of super light jersey, soft and comfortable to wear. Get inspired and imagine how good you would look in our t-shirts. A stretch denim shirt, a pair of glamorous sneakers and maybe a Blauer USA leather jacket is all it takes to create your brand-new outfit!

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