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Accessories for Women | Blauer USA ®

Women’s Accessories

Every woman knows it: your look can change completely with the right accessories. This is why you should choose your accessories carefully, relying on your taste and focusing on quality. Blauer's range of women's accessories traditionally includes hats and scarves made from fine fabrics, to give a touch of panache to the outfit.

Belts are inspired by the US tradition, with decorative studs and unique details. They are perfect with jeans and all pants in the women's collection. And then... a woman's best friends: handbags. Made of environment-friendly leather, they feature beautiful shapes, contrasting colors, strategic pockets and all the room you need to take with you the things you need every day. A Blauer accessory is the proverbial cherry on the cake. Because your look deserves to be personalized and made unique with the best complements you can find. Get ready to add something new to your accessories drawer.