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Men's Lightweight Summer Jackets | Blauer USA® Official Website

Men's Lightweight Summer Jackets

Blauer men's lightweight summer jackets are the ideal solution to complete casual and sporty looks.

To be combined with outfits designed especially for hot summer days, such as a t-shirt or jumper, Blauer men's jackets are available in different models and colours. The compartment, as for the men’s down vests and the women's down vests, is made up of 100% technical recycled fabrics, as communicated by the special B. Tactical range, between urban evolution, tradition and metamorphosis of the timeless military aesthetic, as well as classic windproof and rainproof solutions, with ecological or real down padding and a true recycled soul. The men's summer jacket exalts the nature of the season, with colours ranging from the most natural tones to military heritage to beige, through khaki, green to striking shades of lilac, purple, pastel yellow, sky blue, pink and orange.