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Cy Busson meets Blauer

Blauer and Cy Busson join forces for the new SS24 campaign

Blauer presents its new SS24 campaign, continuing the “son of” photo adventure with Elle Macpherson’s son Cy Busson modelling for the USA brand, as seen through the lens of international photographer James Mollison. 

In the photos featuring the BLAUER SS24 collection, Cy Busson, born in 2003, emerges as a fresh new face in the world of fashion, appearing alongside the young model Greta Sader.  Cy reveals his soul, sharing his passions and entwining them with items from the collection to tell true stories of style. The set of the BLAUER campaign becomes a stage for expressing emotions, in which the effect created by light between columns of minimalist design and scale create the atmosphere of the enchanting warm days of early summer. Every single photograph is a work of art, going beyond fashion to reveal the authenticity and personality of Cy Busson, who appears to embrace life with all the power of passion.

Cy, who earned his degree in Boston and loves the world of finance, pursues his passions and hobbies with all the enthusiasm and curiosity of a man who wants to continue growing. His approach to life perfectly incarnates the philosophy of BLAUER, which has engaged him to represent its new SS24 collection.

Thus Blauer continues to support the talent of young men who overcome the challenge of bearing a famous surname and demonstrate their own bold personality, rebellious at times, but with a clear idea of who they are and what they want to be!