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Blauer eshop - Blauer eshop


This sportswear item must have discovered the secret of eternal youth. Always the height of fashion, universally appreciated, ubiquitous in fashion collections and in the wardrobes of boys and men of all ages, year after year. Blauer sweatshirts capture the quintessential sporty and trendy spirit of this evergreen garment, combining it with excellent fabric and workmanship quality.

The men's sweatshirts available in this section are perfect for your everyday activities as well as for leisure. The assortment includes traditional models with zipper and hood, the classic round neck style offered in bright colors for the summer collection, and printed sweatshirts for a touch of originality. You will only need a t-shirt and a pair of chinos or jeans to create an outfit in perfect Blauer style, without any unnecessary complications. The line also includes light sweat pants as well as that staple item, shorts, a must in all recent men's collections.