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Enzo Fusco: Diseñador, creativo, emprendedor | Blauer USA

Enzo Fusco

Designer, creative, entrepreneur

A multifaceted designer and entrepreneur 

Enzo Fusco is president of FGF Industry, which he runs today with the help of his family. Born in Piedmont to parents from Apulia and now living in Veneto, Enzo Fusco embodies the best characteristics of all three regions: rigour, cordiality and boldness. Creative, passionate, forward-thinking, before embarking on this adventure Fusco worked for almost 30 years as a design consultant for some of the most prestigious Italian and international brands, including Kenzo, Versace, Armani, Lancetti, Iceberg, Moschino and Yves Saint Laurent.

"Blauer’s secret lies in being an American brand with Italian design"

An army-style entushiast, Enzo Fusco is a collector of technical and military garments. The 40,000 items in his personal collection are a source of ideas and influences that continue to inspire new projects with a metropolitan and cosmopolitan style.

"Every detail must be carefully studied. Only then it can be unique"

"We are a family-run business. Our meetings take place at lunch, while drinking coffee"

Enzo Fusco lives in the countryside near Padua, in a 17th century villa he has turned into a creative workshop devoted to his extraordinary work.

“When a collection is finished, I would do it all over again”