Since 1936, Blauer has been the leading American supplier of technical garments for all polices forces, selected areas of the army, such as US Navy officials and White House special agents, firemen and rangers. Blauer uniforms have built up a legendary reputation for their excellent quality and the use of tested and certified technical materials that keep out the rain, wind, cold and snow. Quite simply, Blauer jackets have always been made to last. Ever since its foundation, the well-established production philosophy and exacting style have allowed Blauer to become a point of reference for many American police departments, with their garments reflecting the brand’s “Uncompromising performance” motto in terms of both quality and longevity.

In 2001, FGF Industry signed a licensing agreement with American colossus Blauer USA. FGF Industry has succeeded in bring the legendary uniform brand into the fashion market, meticulously selecting and reconstructing the garments to instil them with a strong character and a well-defined style, while maintaining the essential characteristics of the brand’s origins. The Blauer USA collection guarantees the same resistant, hardwearing materials used for the uniforms while applying a softer touch to give the greater comfort required by everyday clothing. It can also guarantee precision and accuracy in producing garments that conserve the invaluable added extras so typical of military garments, such as wind-proof pockets, closable interior pockets and compartments designed to meet any requirement: features that make all the difference for urban or outdoor use. Standing alongside the collection’s historic Heritage garments are a series of cutting-edge, innovative garments that, while respecting the brand’s solid production philosophy, bring the lines for men, women and children in sync with the fashion market, with colourful garments and materials brought up to date with original, creative design.

Blauer Usa
80 anniversary


In recent years, FGF Industry has succeeded in transforming some of the original garments used by the American police and armed forces into fully fledged iconic pieces:


The CRUISER police jacket – a Blauer classic – is the original American police jacket. The initial inspiration for the Cruiser jacket stems from the union of two military jackets, the bomber and the biker jacket, reinterpreted and adapted to suit the needs of the police. Still used by the Massachusetts State Police Department, this version has buttons in gold or silver, to give the uniform an even more professional look. The jacket is made from Taslan, the celebrated high-performance material with wind- and rain-resistant properties. It is a woven, strong fabric, made specifically to withstand the stress incurred during the typical working day of an American police officer. Removable synthetic fur collar. The logo on the front enables officers to attach their badges. Side zip openings are vital details in making the jacket as versatile, accessible and functional as possible in day-to-day use. The external pockets are large, in order to store various objects. Meanwhile, wristbands are reversible, with hi-vis material on the other side to increase safety and nocturnal visibility. The jacket extends down to the waist, in order to keep the upper body warm and to guarantee agility and ease of movement for the legs. FGF Industry has kept the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the jacket intact, giving it a more fashionable fit and refreshing it each season with new fabrics and colours.


The FINGERTIP LENGTH 4 POCKETS is one of the cornerstones of the Blauer brand, along with the police jacket. The jacket was created by taking the classic military jacket and modifying and customising it to meet the needs of the American police. It stands out for its practicality and versatility of use. Over time, technical features have been incorporated to make the daily life of a police officer more comfortable, including water-resistant material, side zips, special pockets and lined pockets. The four-pocket jacket has been intentionally designed to be longer than the police jacket. Now, FGF Industry re-launches it in its collection as a continuity garment, refreshing the fit and length and using new high-performance materials – as well as Taslan – every season.


The leather bomber jacket was traditionally issued to motorcycle officers to ensure maximum protection in the event of accidents. Even today, the jacket is used by police motorcycle units. An undisputed sportswear style icon, the leather bomber jacket is one of the must-have pieces in the Blauer collection. Over time, the fit has evolved to clearly accentuate the form of the body, without being excessive. The result is an elegant jacket with a sporty fit.


The leather biker jacket: undoubtedly the most authentic Blauer USA garment. A real must-have, an indispensable part of fashion history and the present and future of Blauer. Over the years, the jacket has been able to keep its strong identity intact. As a result, it is never completely reinvented from season to season, but rather occasionally refreshed in a way that ensures continuity. The unique treatment of the leather includes slight drumming and hammering stages, while the hand-dyeing process used for some models turns them into fully fledged masterpieces. The jackets – which are suitable for both men and women – adopt some solutions typical of the world of motorcycling. Longer sleeves ensure your bare arms don’t become revealed when riding your motorcycle, while two functioning zips improve air circulation during the ride. The collar has a fastening strap to ensure the jacket is completely sealed around the upper body and make wearing the helmet a more comfortable experience.


Through its collaboration with Blauer USA, FGF Industry was one of the first brands to bring out the ultra-light quilted jacket. It soon became a best-seller, loved by the public for its lightness, comfort and wearability. The shine of the material and wide range of colours available also contribute to the success of the brand’s best-selling jacket. Woven nylon fabric with calendaring to make the jacket completely downproof. 90/10 down, the most sought-after composition for nylon quilted jackets. 90% down, 10% feathers. Quilted hood with drawstring. Colour-contrast nylon on outside and inside. Front logo.


In FGF Industry’s eyes, the parka is the garment that best represents Blauer’s wealth of experience in producing winter coats. It’s a jacket specially devised to combat tough climates and sub-zero temperatures. The external fabric is cotton-heavy Taslan, the heaviest version of the iconic Taslan material, made even more substantial and resistant to atmospheric agents thanks to its internal coating. Down quilting in interior. Large front pockets with wind-resistant lining and button close. Pockets with hand-warmers and button close. Quilted hood with white bear fur detail. Iconic Blauer hi-vis strips on the wrists, a detail taken straight from the police jackets. Zip close and button overlap. Front logo. Available for both men and women.


The world of the police officer is captured by this iconic Blauer shirt, with its unique style and fit. Available in a variety of fabrics, each year it maintains its distinguishing style features:
The shirt has a strong, bold look just like those of the American police force uniforms. It’s a sporty garment that Blauer has given a fashionable flourish with a slim fit: epaulettes, button- and velcro-close pockets, pleats on the front and back for better wearability.


Blauer combines brand identity with fashion acumen. The accessories are personalised with the brand’s distinguishing elements, such as the shield in the iconic colours, which features both on the baseball cap and ridged beanie hat with jersey interior. Used by police officers in both summer and winter, to provide relief from the hot sun or intense cold respectively.

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